• February 18, 2021

    When Furniture Installation Is Literally A Life and Death Situation

    By CFT Team

Commercial Furniture Transport was asked by an out-of-town dealer to set up an emergency vaccine center in the heart of New York City. Since the dealer was from outside the New York metro area, there were specific requirements for what as needed, according to Ryan Goor, president of the Secaucus, New Jersey – based company.

It was a difficult job to figure out what was needed to install the privacy screens, chairs, medical cabinets and carts, and Commercial Furniture Transport was unsure about the best way to approach delivery and installation.

Goor said CFT sent a project manager to the site to meet with the client to review logistics and come up with the best plan, as there was a very tight timeline. The medical team needed access to the space so it could begin vaccinating the public.

“After the site meeting in conjunction with the dealer, it was decided it made the most sense for CFT top receive all product at the warehouse, assemble at the warehouse and deliver to the site completely built and ready for use so we could meet the customers demand and tight deadline,” Goor said.

At the same time its installers were building out the product to ensure a smooth delivery, its project manager was back on site with the client, making sure CFT had the most efficient plan to deliver more than five trailer loads of product in a single day, ensuring the company had the access it needed, the manpower required and that CFT could use a mix of trailers and trucks to get the product into the space without issue.

At the end of the project, the CFT team, in partnership with the out-of-town dealer turned a sports facility int a vaccination site which can vaccinate up to 1,000 people per hour. With its vast warehouse of 250,000 square feet, its fleet of trucks and trailers and pool of excellent installers and project managers, CFT was able to turn what seemed like an impossible task into an extremely efficient and smooth delivery and installation project.