• July 21, 2020

    Major stages of Business relocation


Regardless of your company’s size or the distance moved, relocating your business is a huge deal that requires extensive planning and tactical organization. Before getting the moving trucks, you must have a clear and precise plan to minimize any disruptions to your business operations

Start early

There’s a lot to do when planning a business relocation, and the sooner you get started, the smoother the transition will be. A successful move can take over a year to plan. This gives you ample time to carefully evaluate your options, design your new space, and reduce costs.

1. Make a budget

Create a realistic budget to help you gauge how much you will spend on the move. It will provide a framework for your potential costs so you can manage and cut costs wherever possible. For instance, rather than hiring a regular moving company, you can opt for an office furniture installer who will remove your old office furniture and install it in your new office space.

2. Find the right place

Before looking for new office space, evaluate your company’s needs by thinking about the purpose of the move. For instance, are you moving to a better location, for expansion, lease expiration, and so on? This will help you determine the right place for your business. Also, take your company’s current needs and long-term requirements into consideration. Having a clear understanding of your operational and strategic needs will help you and your team streamline the moving process, avoid additional costs, and find the perfect office space.

3. Setting up your new office
Your new office space or location is a blank canvas that you can transform into a place of business. You will need a functional and appealing environment for your employees and potential clients. You want your employees to love their workplace and feel comfortable in the space, but you also want to impress potential clients. You should aim to strike a balance between the two. You can consult an office furniture installer to advise you on the right floor plan, theme, and furniture to go with to complete the look you want.

Moving your business can be stressful, however with the right plan and personnel in place, you have an easier time moving your business to a new location and minimize the impact the move has on business operations. Once you are done, take a minute to stop and celebrate all the work you have done.