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The Value Behind Our Delivery and Installation

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Transportation & Logistical Services

Transportation & Logistical Services Specialized furniture Carrier

CFT is a specialized furniture carrier providing delivery services. With an average of 16 years of employment at CFT, our team is proficient in handling all types of products. Through our world-class training, each item is handled with care and an understanding of fragility by our industry professionals.

Trained Furniture Handlers

This is not a job for our employees, this is a career. Our furniture handlers are trained and tested continually in literacy and move-management theories. These training’s are critical when it comes to logistics and our employees are our greatest asset.

Specialized Equipment

  • All CFT trucks and trailers are equipped with lift gates, floor to ceiling logistical posts, and air ride allowing for secure and safe transport.
  • We have our own plethora of moving blankets, dollies, panel carts, bins, and furniture protection ensuring our clients product is always handled with care.

Scheduled Delivery

With a guaranteed 24 to 72 hour turnaround, our clients have full visibility to our facilitated published schedule which guarantees designated delivery days to all destinations.

Delivery Flexibility

As a specialized furniture carrier serving both the office furniture manufactures as well as the dealers, CFT provides unparalleled solutions. From emergency circumstances such as delivering directly to the end user, to uncrating & blanket wrapping a shipment, to storing goods for an extended period of time, we are prepared and equipped to respond quickly and effortlessly in facilitating all of our client’s needs.

Drop and Hook

Our in-depth understanding of the industry has enabled us to invent a calculated drop and hook program. Offering clients the options of dropping trailers at our facility 18 hours a day 5 days a week, many manufacturers and carriers have dropped equipment at our facility ensuring immediate turnaround by the delivering carrier. Open from 12am until 6 pm, our clients carriers are given added flexibility when load-planning multi-stop trailers.