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Asset Management

Asset Management

Managing Assets Is A Snap!

Asset management has never been more critical.

This is a perfect time to leverage CFT and our partnership with SnapTrackerTM.

It is common practice for our clients to adjust their total real estate footprint and/or massage their existing floor plans in response to market conditions and changing business and facility strategies.

COVID-19 has accelerated this exercise by forcing companies to reconfigure workstations, thin social and communal spaces, and reconsider traffic circulation within the office. And because commercial furniture and walls are investments as well as assets, systematically accounting for them and properly storing them for future use makes both economic and ecologic sense.

For long-term product storage needs, CFT utilizes the robust program SnapTracker to tag and provide a digital footprint for client assets. SnapTracker allows CFT to provide real-time visibility to inventory, track associated work orders and product pulls, and document client product with photos and barcodes. Combining this program with CFT’s industry-leading best practices ensures seamless and thorough asset management capabilities for our clients.

Clients engaged with CFT for asset management services of stored and deployed product enjoy these benefits:

Asset Management

  • Ease with depreciation accounting and disposition action steps
  • Simplified and digitized end-to-end furniture management service
  • Searchable classification and description of product inventory
  • Real-time online review of assets with agility to navigate market changes and product use opportunities
  • Inactive inventory reporting and quick-click decision making
  • Program integration with common furniture dealership ordering interfaces
  • Visibility to current and historic square footage storage costs
  • Product image tagging for ease of on-site delivery and identification
  • Ability to use/reuse product from inventory instead of buying new
  • Climate-controlled, secure, and insured storage of assets

We have the capacity to manage your assets!