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About Us

Our team is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction through rapid response and personalized services tailored to meet individual needs. Our long lasting client relationships, unique understanding of the furniture industry, successful performance stories, and quality workmanship are testimonies which built the foundation of CFT’s well established reputation.

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Incorporated in New Jersey in 1986, we have grown from being a small service provider in the local New York City market to a nationally recognized brand throughout many of the fortune 500 companies, healthcare industry, hospitality industry, and retail industry.

Today, CFT provides dealers, manufacturers, and private clients with extensive knowledge and turnkey services in warehousing, delivery, and installation services. Our services are constructed and developed to meet individual client needs over the years. As the commercial furniture industry continues to change, CFT evolves and grows along with it. But the one thing remains the same, our core values. We started with family and continue to grow as new clients and strategic relationships become apart of the CFT family.

CFTs speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and overall responsiveness are unrivaled in the metro NYC marketplace. We continually work to identify, develop, and apply the best practices in the industry.

We are proud to provide world class customer service, small town customer care.

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What our Clients say

  • "Thank you for all your help on this project! It is appreciated, I was just speaking to Paul the other day about who our best subs are and who really takes care of us, obviously CFT is at the top of the list. I have stated before to you directly, if I have a large project, there is NO one else I will go to, I know the work that gets done and I appreciate all the effort that goes into it, it truly is a TEAM effort with CFT."

    Major contract furniture dealer in the NY area

  • "Just wanted to send an email and mention how great the team you sent over was for the delivery and install at 99 Park Ave. Ted and his guys have not only been a pleasure to work with on an efficiency stand point but are the most professional/courteous guys that I have ever worked with from any partnered installer. If this is the level of work I can expect on projects with CFT you will definitely be hearing a lot more from me and the representatives/teams I oversee here in Manhattan. Appreciate all the help and support as always and look forward to building a bigger relationship with CFT on future projects!"

    Major contract furniture dealer in the Boston Area

  • "We are so happy to have you guys taking over NJ and NY area."

    Major contract furniture dealer in the CA area

  • "It’s finally over!! Wow what an insane week! I wanted to thank you for dealing with the insanity of how this project shipped and the inconsistency of both and manufactures. We all pulled it off and am happy to say we only have 2 punch list items!! The Crew was amazing! were the absolute best I have dealt with in a long time! I can’t say enough about them. They definitely were stuck with a crap job this week but made it work!"

    Nationwide End user

  • We have sincerely appreciate everything that you and your team have done for us this year and our upgrades!Thanks so much for the support and for your wonderful team!

    Major contract furniture dealer in the Kansas Area

  • "Every day I am so glad we decided to go with CFT for this job. Your team has kept me in confidence for a successful install and they have not disappointed in any way."

    Major Manufacture